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Provide clients with strategic public relations, media relations,

public affairs, advocacy, coalition building and marketing communications solutions.

Public Relations

Maryann Maloney & Associates develops traditional public relations programs for you to increase the penetration of your messages and themes, build brand awareness, and increase your general positioning. We build broad public awareness campaigns using a full spectrum of traditional and new media public relations strategies and tactics, working closely with you to understand your needs and then implement the campaigns using the most appropriate tools that will provide the most effective results.


Media Relations

We help you tell your stories and manage the process of getting your message to the public by providing you with comprehensive media services including release development, press kits, access to comprehensive media resources, media events and conferences, media monitoring, training and spokesperson support.


Public Affairs

Government policy outcomes can often have an impact on your organization. We help you forge strong relationships with local, regional and state leadership. We work to ensure that you are up to date on current policy developments and carry your messages to policy leaders so they have the information needed to make informed decisions.



We serve as your voice to carry your message to targeted audiences, whether they are government, public or private. We work with you to develop appropriate communications, including comprehensive white papers or simpler focused collateral, to clearly explain your issues. Our existing relationships with public officials serve as your communications channel to deliver your message.


Coalition Building

For those interested in building links with others who desire to achieve similar outcomes, we create and establish collaborations with public and private entities. Our experience and relationships facilitate you finding partners and building coalitions.


Marketing Communications

We assist you to develop and promote your branding messages by developing marketing collateral that promotes your strengths, and defines your place in the market. In working with you, we strive to create compelling market communications. We produce sales and promotional materials, brochures, newsletters and websites. We create audience-grabbing presentations to make meetings more interesting and effective.


What We Do

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